Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Or maybe not...

Well, I must say I'd expected more than this! forty-eight hours after sending my first missive into cyber-space and I've received a total number of responses of precisely - zero. Zero. Being bank holiday Monday we weren't even rehearsing yesterday, but at evensong today I'll certainly be having words with my choral-scholar friend. Well, I say friend: colleague. He stands next to me and sings, rather well for one so young. He helps me find the right page in the hymn book and he knows these fancy setting that the organist insists on introducing - Otce Nas by Janacek, and the Kodaly Missa Brevis; Flor Peeters' hopelessly mis-named Missa Festiva, for God's sake. Anyway I was assured that all I had to do was start a blog and people would come running to my door. Of course, they don't know where my door is yet. But then I don't want all-and-sundry finding me, for goodness' sake. There has to be some sort of filter - like an electronic version of the casting couch, maybe, for my prospective students and an e-audition for the choirs. I shall have words this evening, serious words about where this blogging-thing is leading. Is it the fifteenth evening? No. Well, maybe the Old Testament lesson will be long enough. I'll keep you posted. (Posted - get it? As in, posting to the blog! Oh, never mind.)

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