Thursday, 8 May 2008

Anybody there?

Right - I think I've got it sorted now. I was musing during Dross in D or some equally unmemorable setting the other evensong on what my technie friend had told me. Apparently I must inform everyone that the blog exists in order for them all to look at it and comment. 'But that's the whole point of the blog' I said to him. As usual, he didn't seem to understand. I assumed that putting something on the web or net or into cyberspace would be enough. But no! I've already had to sign up to an e-mail that I didn't want in order to register the damn thing; now I've got to send a message to my friends to tell them all about my blog. 'And if I haven't got any?' I asked, not quite sarcastically. 'Oh, I'll give you some of mine' he told me. So, everyone he knows has now been sent an e-mail telling them about my new blog and suggesting that they read it. Apparently there is a lay-clerks web-site too, through which such things can be disseminated (although by all accounts they spend their days debating pointing or else arguing about the finer points of Sarum chant and the correct liturgical positioning of the Kyrie - I ask you?!). So anyway - word has gone out, and from now on I'll no doubt be inundated with requests for lessons, concert bookings and commissions. Come on now - you can't all like that Philip Moore stuff, can you?

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