Sunday, 25 May 2008

Now what?

Half-term, a long lie-in, the Sunday papers (well Sunday paper - I could only afford to buy one so I went for the biggest, heaviest of the lot only to find it stuffed full of fashion tips and gardening advice. Given that I live in a basement flat without so much as a yard to house my dustbin the latter sections were completely useless; the fashion sections weren't much better either, although I managed to find a small piece on the latest trend in cottas). The trouble is, once you've done all that, you're stuck. There are no lessons on a Sunday and I've given myself the week off anyway, largely because none of my dwindling list of pupils is around for the next seven days. In fact, nobody's around. The choral scholars have retreated to their mothers for the week complete with bin-bags filled with dirty washing; my fellow choral vicars are mostly spending time with their respective families; the informator choristorum has just started his sabbatical (thank God) and the Chapter to a man is on retreat with the exception of the elderly sub-Dean who is literally left minding the shop whilst a succession of dismal visiting choirs attempts, unsuccessfully, to live up to our great building's acoustic. What does one do in such a situation? Watch the telly, I suppose. Except, of course, there's nothing whatsoever on. Listen to the wireless? The third programme, perhaps? Maybe for a while until the tone is lowered at six-thirty by that obsequious snivelling adenoidal Welshman Alan Jones. Dear Lord above, it's desperate, and it's only Sunday. It's enough to make one wish the choir were singing. Almost.


Kevin Musgrove said...

What-o Can Bass 1!

Interesting blog -- believe me, you're happier being a choral vicar than a librarian, honestly.

You asked about the links in the sidebar: if you go into the "Layout" section of your blog you'll see "Add a page element." There are a bunch of options to play with but the one you want is "Link list." I'm bone idle so I have another browser window open and go to the sites I want to cite and copy and paste the URL from the address bar.


Can Bass 1 said...

Thank you Mr Musgrove. I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about, but when the choral scholars get back from their mothers' I'll have your message de-coded and I'll follow the advice.

Anonymous said...

I also sing on Cantoris in a not-too-bad Cathedral choir and always enjoy my visits to your well-written and amusing blog. I found myself in a similarly bleak situation on this miserable Bank Holiday Monday and, in desperation, decided to go to Evensong. The visiting choir couldn't be worse than standing out in the rain could it (especially since they came from a relatively famous church in that London place that's meant to be so good)? Well, I've learnt my lesson. Howells Gloucester Mag came as close as I've ever heard to total meltdown due in part to the useless conductor (who most resembled a mole digging himself out of a pile of dirty nappies) and also to the fact that nobody appeared to be singing the alto part.

Can Bass 1 said...

My word, Anonymous, you must have been at a very loose end. But then, so must the visiting choir if what you say about their total lack of musical ability is accurate. I recommend a long dose of the Lichfield Choir singing Spasms (I mean Psalms) under their erstwhile organist Dr Jonathan Rees-Leddington