Sunday, 4 May 2008

Ah, well...

Hmm... just getting the hang of this blogging thing, at least I think I am. Let me introduce myself. I'm Can Bass 1: that is, Cantoris first bass, as in one - the most senior, indeed - of two Cantoris basses, not just bass 1 as in 'sings the higher of the two bass parts'. Which, of course, I do, being on Cantoris. That's the way it works. Cantoris - that is, the side of the choir sitting on the same side of the chancel as the cantor (or Precentor, as they now refer to him) - always takes the higher of the two parts. The other side - Decani, where the Dean sits - that's, well, for all the elderly who no longer seem to have an upper range. But enough of tall hat. Back to my blog; the blog about me. Well I'm here in a provincial city, 'somewhere in England' as they say. And apart from the daily grind at the cathedral, things...well, things have been a bit tight recently. You know the kind of problem - frequent inability to stand one's round in the pub after evensong; buying fishcake with my chips instead of cod or haddock. Anyway one of these young, attractive and sickeningly talented new choral-scholars - who happens to be a bit of a whizz with computers - suggested that I might start blogging. Of course, I cuffed the little whipper-snapper firmly round the ear! But once I'd picked him off the floor he told me all about it - writing on the internet and drumming up some interest in my faltering career as a soloist; maybe even adding to my list of pupils, too (especially young sopranos, and by young I mean anything under 60 which seems to be my present lower age-limit). So here I am then, world wide web - Can Bass 1. Available for concerts, large and small - it doesn't matter if the choir can't sing because I can and provided that you've paid up-front, I will. So what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Can Bass,
We are shortly to be doing HAydn's NEslon Mess and our bass soloist has gone down with 'flu. Could you possibly step in?
PLease try,
Yours sincerely
Janice Watson
Wyberton Choral Society

Can Bass 1 said...

Dear Miss (or is it Mrs?) Watson:
Did you realise in your haste to contact me that you had mis-typed the name of Haydn's choral work (in my opinion for the better). It is indeed a mess and I'm afraid you would have to pay an awful lot of money to persuade me to demean myself by singing it. On the other hand...
Perhaps you'd like to e-mail me direct. My address is At least, I think it is.