Wednesday, 4 June 2008

To be honest...

I'm rather glad that term has started, and the choir is back rehearsing. We even did an evensong again on Tuesday - Hunt in D. Hunt in D, I say! Wonderful stuff. Absolutely wonderful. And coming up later on this term we have Arnold in A, Cooke in G, Jackson - that's William, by the way (1730-1803) organist and Master of the Choristers at Exeter - in F, and Walmisley in - no, not D minor - Walmisley in B flat. I can, of course, claim some of the credit for such luminaries of the English church tradition elbowing aside the likes of Howells and Stanford, having stood the young boy recently appointed as assistant organist a half of mild the night before he set about compiling this terms music list. I might also, inadvertently, have instilled a sense of urgency in getting the thing out before the Precentor - along with the rest of the Chapter - returned from their retreat. The organist, of course, was furious. But then, he's on sabbatical and telephones can always be put down. So we've a month and more of singing delightful - English - settings of the canticles. And anthems, too. Goss - The Wilderness (not that we would baulk at Wesley's wonderful sub-oratorio setting) and God is a Spirit, from the Woman of Samaria by dear, dear Sir Arthur 'Gilbert and' Sullivan. It promises to be quite a term.


Steve Middleton said...

Hi - you asked about adding polls on my Ambridge blog. Well on the dashboard when you begin your blog, you'll see under the blog name 'add new blog' and then to the right 'manage' - one of the options is 'layout'. Click on that, and then you'll see 'add new element' One of the options there is a poll! Good luck

Anonymous said...

Goodness - you'll be extolling the virtues of Sterndale Bennett next!

Can Bass 1 said...

And why not?

Anonymous said...

Surely Walmisley in D Major hasn't escaped your term's survey of choral Victoriana?

Nicole said...

Saw the comments you left on Kirchenmusik. Glad to find your blog. Your post about Kayleigh sent me into a fit of mild hysterics. What a hoot! So nice to find fellow music "nerds." I only wish my octogenarian church choir/organist were skilled enough to handle the music you mention here.

I'm a BIG fan of the Anglican music tradition.

admin said...

Who is singing?
His name is Jacques Douai.

And how do you insert such audio tracks onto your blog?

I use deezer

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Than, you can edit in "Compose" if you want.
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