Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Can Bass 1: Fantasy Music List



Kevin Musgrove said...

I like the Eucharist.

Palestrina's good background music for writing capital funding bids. I'm afraid that I resort to Gregorian chants, New Orleans jazz or sixties girl bands when I'm report-writing.

Can Bass 1 said...

I see no problem with the latter, Mr Musgrove. Sixties girl-bands tend to be much prettier than jazz musicians!

Penny Pincher said...

Nice to meet you when you called on me recently. I expect seeing a cat play the piano must have been a bit of an eye opener!

I've nominated you for a Meme about books. It's quite simple to do and not at all technical if you want to care to take on the challenge.

The rules on the game are over at my place on:

Penny Pincher said...

Well, Canon Bass 1 - now that you have your book, the page and the sentence -you write about it in your blog - then invite 5 other bloggers to do the same exercise.

I do hope it's not a musical score ;-)

Tim said...

Hello Can Bass! How do you play?

Axen said...

Hello Can Bass 1

One way is to use this the free option of gabcast though if it will be practical for you or not I don't know.
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If I find something better for you I will let you know ^_^

Can Bass 1 said...

Thank you, Axendra

Axen said...

^_^ here you go, this will be much better.